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Following the footsteps of the primal force of life

The life force - primal force of life

Orthodox medical practitioners don't talk about it, because they are hardly able to work with it. Science doesn't talk about it, because it cannot be measured yet.

In both cases we talk about life force, the one force, which makes every life on this planet possible. A force, which makes the difference, but you can hardly find any research about it.

Till now. Because "Miracle of life force" is committed to clear up. This movie examines with emotional and impressive pictures both the miracle of the force itself and the miraculous effects which one can experience, who undergoes a significant increase of this force. The scenes show all effects, ending up in spontaneous recoveries, which the director and movie-maker Stephan Petrowitsch recorded during production.

In April 2015 the movie had it's world-premiere on the Cosmic Cine – Filmfestival in five german cities, one day later in Zürich / Switzerland. All cinema shows were sold out or nearly sold out. Eventually "Movie of life force" won the "Cosmic Angel Audience Award". This was a success which the director - seeing the reaction of the audience - hoped for, but couldn't expect.

"Miracle of life force" has a playtime of 90 min. 48 sec. and is released at the age of 6 years.

Miracle of life force - released at the age of 6