Very much thanks to

Miracle of life force - Credits The custormers of DVDs and Videos per Download of my own company with at the moment more than 1.900 Video-DVDs about spirituality, (alternative) health informations and some more interesting themes like free energy, alternative money systems, made it mainly possible toe start this project

Gisela Beck: (energetic counseling for body, mind and soul) from Penzberg (Germany), who traveled on her own budget with the director to India and supported him in many ways which happen during such a journey.
In addition for her content-related contribution.

Renate Gezzele: Owner of "Five Elements - Massagepractice and Yogastudio" for her manifold support since November 2011. She is able to rise the life force in one-to-one-session in a very strong manner.

Sara Ott: Support for the permission to film at Fratel Cosimo

Fa. Jost, Gersthofen: For the very spontaneous possibility, to film some short scenes of distribution of yellow press and daily press - which eventually where not necessary.

Nishta Bali, Landscape-Architecture-Student from India, who supported us with the translation from Hindi into englisch for the recordings of Guru Ram Lal Siyag.

Zombre Tilado (Josh), Bus Inspector, who helped with his rudimentary english knowledge to get the film permission in Burkina Faso at the Place of Saidou Bikienga.

Samuel Fischer for the recording of the Vulkano

All participants on yoga-lessons and seminars, which were willing to be shown in this movie.