Spectators feedback

Spectators feedback to Miracle of life force

For you we produced Miracle of life force!

V. T., 11.08.2018: I wanted to congratulate you on this great film from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you, my life has changed.
Thank you billions of times.
[...] I thank you and wish you continued joy in your work. You are revolutionizing the media landscape. THANK YOU for your commitment for light and for God.

J. P., 10.01.2018: I love your film "Wonders of Life Force". It touched me very much, inspired me and did me good. Thank you very much for that!

P. K.-D., 09.01.2018: I watched your wonderful film.
It touched me very much.
Thank you very much for setting out on this journey for so many people. Thank you for my journey.
I bless you with my greatest thanks. D.A.M., 03.04.2017: Yesterday I also saw some of the additional interviews in your film, especially those with Armin Mattich and his participants, which had a wonderful energizing and heart opening effect on me.

J.S., 20.03.2017: Without your film we would never have flown to Calabria - really incredible! So finally on this way a very big, heartfelt thank you for your work! Thereby my life has actually changed in several respects.

D.A.M., 12.03.2017: Thank you for your wonderful film, which is amazing and touched me very much, in some places tears flowed spontaneously (at Emaho and also at the picture of the Madonna di Scolgio). May he reach many, many people.

15.01.2017, Spectator at the cinema Liliom / Augsburg: Your film changed my life.

F. W., 27.11.2016: Thank you that there are people like you who deal with the positive life forces and for your wonderful film, which we find breathtaking.
Remaining memory and even more breathtaking was your following meditation (session) for more vitality and energy. [...] Never before have I experienced such indescribable feelings of happiness. [...] In addition there was a bright, extremely bright light in the Third Eye. I could have stopped this process at any time, just as you said.

S. M., 24.11.2016: I am very happy about your wonderful film, and about your message!!! Yesterday I was in the film with an open heart, open eyes and open mouth :). Very, very beautiful is all this!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work, your journey and for bringing the message of the miracle of vitality to us - the audience!!!
Throughout the film I felt that I wanted to awaken this Kundalini power in me as well. With the pictures of the people who experience this power, I had zero fear, it is so much healing and grace!!! When this dear older woman spoke of the divine light that we all are, I cried. Because that is so beautifully true.
I firmly believe that like all of us I carry the light of God within me and that is why I came into the world. To give with my light here my good contribution for the world, and to fulfill my task. Especially in this time - we all know what is happening in the world - it is so very important!!
I really wish that I can increase the life force within me, for myself, and that I can also use it to have an even stronger effect in the world. That is why I am here. Why we are all here in the world.
I thank you and your partner for your light, and your power! Just as many thanks to all those involved in the film! Thus also hereby a heart greeting from me to all on this way!
My belief is that when many of our lights come together, it can become much brighter and better in the world.

L. L., 14.11.2016: I wanted to tell you and Stephan again how much your film touched me. I was so full of peace and contentment, even today the whole day. Just did me good.

N. B., 05.09.2016: Thank you for your work to make this film.
It occupies me every day and that means something with all the other things that have to be considered every day!
The life force is (besides the life itself) a grandiose topic, which occupies us all more or less and which is difficult to believe to be a cinematic realization. Successful, indeed!

R. S., 21.08.2016: I'm definitely looking forward to the DVD, because I've always noticed in the cinema how the film works for me and afterwards I had much higher energy. I saw it three times in the cinema!

D. H., 09.08.2016: The film is proverbially phenomenal and the bonus material is an enormously important contribution to it.

S. R., 28.06.2016: For me this film is a milestone for people.

D. K., 14.06.2016: I would like to tell you that I am very touched and enthusiastic about your film. My husband worked as a producer and director for the BR for 55 years. Feature films and mainly documentaries. I know how complex and complicated the craft of filmmaking is. I can only pay you a big compliment and congratulate you on your film!

A. H., 16.05.2016: ... Thank you again for this deeply impressive film!

K. R., 28.04.2016: What a beautiful film!
We all enjoyed the cinema evening very much!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

N., 05.04.2016. He impressed me very much and confirmed my thoughts in many things. A very valuable and appreciative film.

A. W., 05.04.2016: Thank you very much for your wonderful film, I love it so much that I go on Sunday from Berlin to the joy of life only to see it again on big screen. Each time the film is completely different, I have seen it 5 times and ordered it from you, but the feeling of this film heals the soul or simply heals.

M. P., 16.03.2016: I saw the film on 13.03.2016 in Krefeld, I am deeply impressed and can only recommend it.

L. D., 14.03.2016: Thank you very much for this inspiring film. [...] Very, very impressive I found the African healer Saidou Bikienga. It was nice that he allowed to be filmed at his work.

R. S., 13.03.2016: My companion and I agreed that you made a great film. No less interesting was the following discussion.

W. T., 02.03.2016: This movie is a "MUST"

H. V., 24.02.2016: ... Never before have I experienced a film performance at the end of which the moviegoers sat in their chairs for a long time as if spellbound and lost in thought. Your film has truly had an incredible impact.
Thank you for your great film, which hopefully will open the consciousness and the way for many people to perceive and activate their own inner power.

U. H., 21.02.2016: I have just seen your film in Bonn and am very enthusiastic about it. The effort from Düren to Bonn was definitely worthwhile!!

R. B., 06.02.2016: First of all a big compliment for the film. I saw it in Frankfurt and my partner and I were very enthusiastic.

R. S., 06.02.2016: I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work comes at exactly the right time for me and I will spread it wherever I can. [...] Your film has shown me possibilities how I can go on. It is great. I am madly grateful to you for that. [...] I want to support your work

W. T., 01.02.2016: great film, excellent.....congratulations

P. V., 28.01.2016: Super film... already watched twice and recommended at least 100 times

H. B., 21.01.2016: ... it surpasses everything you know so far

C. B., 10.01.2016: Thank you very much for the time you gave us after the film today in the Rio-cinema.
That was incredibly inspiring. I am still a little shocked, because I never dealt with the life force to such an extent. More people have to experience that, I think.

L. K., 06.01.2016: I saw this incredibly enchanting film last Sunday and was absolutely carried away and enthusiastic about it.

C. G., 30.12.2015: I would also like to say thank you for this wonderful film, which I recently saw in the cinema. It enriches all who watch it.

C. U., 04.12.2015: I think your film is something very special [...] I would say that finally a director has taken on this topic. A real enrichment.
I was very happy to see Subrahmonyan in the film, I have met him before, he is a wonderful person.

U. M.-V., 02.12.2015: I was very lucky to see your film on Sunday during my visit to Regensburg together with my daughter. It touched me very much.

P. S., 26.11.2015: Once again, many thanks for your wonderful film "Wunder der Lebenskraft", which I enjoyed at its premiere in the Arthauskino in Stuttgart on 13 September 2015.

A. J., 25.11.2015: I became aware of the film screening at the Mathäser Kino a few months ago in Munich. The film still has a positive effect today, especially Fratel Cosimo appealed to me very much.

W. S.-P., 23.11.2015: I have seen your film in Cologne and am thrilled

L. B., 20.11.2015: Thank you for the wonderful inspiring film!

M. P., 14.11.2015: I have seen the film and am thrilled! I can't wait to buy it on DVD to enjoy it in peace and quiet. ...to watch again and again!

R. U., 22.10.2015: Congratulations for your movie "Miracle of life force" . Mind blowing! Especially the healer from Burkina Faso!

B. N.-P., 19.10.2015: I watched the movie "Miracle of life force" on thursday - and I recommend it too. Especially we who's job it is to rise up, promote and free the life force should see this movie.
Futhermore just watching this movie is life force-promoting. I speak from my own experience and many others confirmed that.

B. G., 16.10.2015: My friend and I watched yesterday your movie "Miracle of life force" in Munich an we find it very striking to the point and skilfully filmed. Also I find it very pleasant that this movie doesn't manipulate verbally.
Thank you for this movie!

E. D., 15.10.2015: I watched your movie in the Sendlinger Tor-cinema and just wanted to congratulate you for this wonderful movie. I was from the beginning till the end 100 % involved - usually I am never concentrated for such a long time:-)
Awesome performance and I wish you all possible success with your next projects.

C. R., 15.10.2015: Very excited I saw your movie about the healing power of the soul yesterday in the cinema Sendlinger Tor [...] Just recently I absolved in munich a training in the "Schule der Geistheilung" (School of spiritual healing) founded by Horst Krone and find it very interesting to see, that some of the gained knowledge I find in your examples in the movie. THANK YOU.

M. P., 06.10.2015: This movie is super!
I have a small ideal of this world, and I saw a lot of new things in your movie.

E. W., 05.10.2015: I watched your important and inspiring movie now several times. I find it very appealing: - the healing power is directly transfered to the spectation through the movie - sensitive people can feel the healing power - healers from different continents are in the movie - especially there is also a muslim healer part of the movie, at the right time! - that one of the healers explains the dimension of the spiritual unity of all mankind

G. W., 05.10.2015: Hello Stephan, today I was invited to an extraordinary film by my son. When I heard what he had chosen, I was very pleased. Even as someone who thinks he already knows a lot about the life force, because it enables me to do my healing work and to be so vital, I found your film really wonderful. That's what I wanted to tell you today and here with a big compliment.

S. S., 28.09.2015: Full of enthusiasm I have watched this wonderful film twice now, and there will be more movies to come. Each time you take something different with you.

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke, 08.09.2015: The film "Miracle of life force", which has just come out, touched me, as I spent the whole last year dealing with the secret of life energy and wrote the book of the same name about it. The time seems ripe for this wonderful phenomenon.
Director Stephan Petrowitsch follows the traces of the life force through different traditions and cultures and of course ends up in still enchanted worlds, where he experiences exciting healings and energy phenomena and captures them on film. He invites us in a gentle way to accompany him on his long journey into the outer world to life-force experts, but also to our own inner life-force.
And indeed, the film makes us want to move and follow this power. [...] This is waiting in all of us just to climb up our spine [...].
Touchingly the viewer also experiences the same movement patterns in beautiful pictures, as everywhere in the world, when the Kundalini snake begins to move.
A film that made us want to have more life energy and power and to reveal its secret.

L.M., 05.09.2015: Dear Stephan, I've already watched your film 3 times...I'm thrilled. Spread it where I only can and already many of my acquaintances go. I am happy for you!

W.E., 18.08.2015: Excellent film! Beautiful pictures of nature, great variations of the awakening of the Kundalini power, the presentation of the healers to use the Kundalini power...
You have a good view of the motives, great camera angles, the most brilliant thing I found was the transition from the enlightened meditator (scheme) and the sunset at the river or lake, where root charka and crown chakra merged into the sun and its reflex, symbolizing the unity with nature.

M.K., 24.07.2015: Congratulations on your very very wonderful and transparent film - from my point of view, as a general practitioner and naturopath and certainly also from the point of view of a broad audience - your film is another breakthrough and milestone in opening the collective spiritual heart of humanity. Not only does this film touch and move deeply within, enlighten and inform, no, it also transmits healing frequencies in a clear and subtle way that almost anyone can reach in one way or another. [...] Thank you for the wonderful film thanks for your courage and your openness and this pioneering work.

W.B., 16.07.2015: By the way, we were thrilled with your film "Miracle of life force". It was really time that such an outstanding masterpiece was finally created! Once again, I pay tribute to your courage!

E.W., 12.07.2015: Today 15:00 h in Essen. "Miracle of life force" - a WUNDERwerk! The energy in the cinema hall increased more and more... Many thanks to all who were involved and much success with this valuable work! So that many, many more people will be inspired by this film... A warm THANK YOU!

M.B-K., 10.07.2015: very great - have seen the film on Wednesday in Herrsching - thank you very much

M.K., 27.06.2015: a brilliant film. Thanks again that I could see the one in Bad Soden.

F.G., 27.06.2015: I find a very moving film, it got under my skin.

V.A., 26.06.2015: Now I only recommended your film on the weekend and yesterday I watched it myself. I liked it a lot. Beautiful pictures, successful setting and I perceive such a simplicity, which you convey and much more and I congratulate. Really succeeded.

M.H., 09.06.2015: my mother was at the presentation in Augsburg yesterday at the Liliom (09.06.) and took part in the discussion round. I would like to say first of all, thank you! Apparently you have triggered something in my mother which has led to a deeper understanding. For this I am grateful to you

K.S., 02.06.2015: On Saturday I saw your film in the Westpark and enjoyed it very much! I was enthusiastic about the pictures, the encounters you reported about, the power you and the film convey. [...] Really Stephan, your film addresses a highly topical topic from all possible angles, and thus also picks up people from all possible directions and ways of life! There would be immense potential to move people, to inspire them, to bring them to the cinema. And to bring a topic worth living into the discussion and consciousness.

C.S., 10.05.2015: Dear Stephan, your film "Miracle of life force" is simply brilliant and beautiful! It has given me so much power while watching and the Kundalini has also risen immediately....Super! And 1000 thanks for that!

M.B., 20.04.2015: Congratulations! I am happy with you that you can harvest the fruits in such a sweet and numerous form after years of work and thank you in the name of the universe for your tireless work!

H.D., 18.04.2015: Congratulations to you and your team!!!! So your wonderful work, your untiring energy has really paid off and the film will certainly also be a pioneer for a greater and further consciousness - I am so happy for you!!!! Congratulations!

S.H., 15.04.2015: Congratulations.................... We watched the film in Karlsruhe, it was very moving for me and partly emotional.

H.E., 13.04.2015: I congratulate you on the great success you have achieved with your film "Miracle of life force". My wife and I were very impressed with this film.
There was so much information that you need some time to process and classify it all. On the positive side, we felt that you showed many facets of this topic and didn't let yourself be tempted to evaluate the individual methods. So everyone could make his own picture.
Even if some things are hard to believe, you saw them yourself and were able to form your own personal judgement. We were impressed by the attention to detail in your research and the sometimes fantastic landscape photographs.
I keep my fingers crossed for you that after the long work and the documentary success, the correspondingly great economic success will follow. But I am sure that this will be the case. You certainly deserve it.

I.H., 11.04.2015: Hello Mr. Petrowitsch, now I can congratulate you on your masterpiece "Miracle of life force". [...] Now we hope that you will receive the jury prize, and that we were also able to contribute with our vote to your winning the audience prize of the Cosmic Angel Award.
It's good to be allowed to see films in this "crazy" world that have depth and touch our souls. When the film will soon be on the schedule in Darmstadt, I'll watch it a second time and hope that I'll see it when it runs, otherwise I'll have to wait "impatiently" for the DVD. [...]

I.H., 11.04.2015: Really, the movie is gigantic! Thank you Stephan from the bottom of my heart, super done. And thank you for making it at all, for taking on all the troubles and all the money for it. Really good ... very good that you have held out. It's great! Definitely the film or the people, the statements and the scenes touch. Truly, you can see that. Which one of them joined in 2014, certainly the African. He is really great, a really big one. I am already looking forward to the DVD, because especially to the additional materials ... hope you don't leave anything out, just put everything on it. I would also buy an extended extended ...because the film is much too short. The impressions of the people ... these really special people you would like to let work longer on yourself :)
N. also finds your approach great that you show yourself how you travel, show yourself close to the action and take us so close. By the way, I think too